You can be alarmed if you realize dry skin on your penis, but in most cases, this is usually not a sign of a serious medical condition. Dry skin in most cases is not a symptom for genital herpes, or other sexually transmitted diseases. Dry skin penis is a condition that is experienced by many men out there resulting from different reasons. The condition may become more uncomfortable when it begins to cruck and scale in some way. Since there are many conditions that can result to dryness on the penis, treatment usually vary according to what is causing the condition.

Dry Skin on Penis – Overview

To some men, having a dry skin on penile shaft may not sound like a serious concern since it looks like normal. However, if the dryness is chronic, associated with peeling and flaking on the penis tip and head, it can be a cause for anxiety and some discomfort. The dry penis can also be involved with red patches.

What are other symptoms for dry skin on penis?

A dry skin on the penile shaft is a symptom that is usually associated with other many signs and symptoms depending on the condition that is causing dryness. The dry skin can be itchy, hard, flaky, cracked or peeling either on the tip of the penis or just on the whole penis. To be precise, some of the other symptoms you should expect while you have a dry skin on your penis include the following:

  • Reddening on the penile shaft
  • Dry flaky and peeling skin
  • A rash on the penile
  • Darkening or discoloration
  • Soreness or blisters usually after sexual intercourse
  • Loss of sensation overtime
  • Pain during urination
  • In some cases a discharge from the penis with unpleasant smell
  • The penis become painful to touch

Most of the dry skin issues on the penis are easily addressed once the underlying cause is identified and treated. There are many causes for dry skin on penis and their symptoms and treatments will vary from one cause to another.

Dry Skin on Penis Causes

The reasons for dry skin down there can be many but there are enough treatments to deal with them all. This is because all of us have different skin type and therefore some medications may work well to someone and fail to work to another person. Having a dry skin is not something to be shy of and therefore, you should be free to discuss the issue with your dermatologist. The following are some of the causes that may cause you a dry skin on your penile shaft.

Causes of dry skin on penis

  1. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

Some sexually transmitted infections could be the cause for your dry skin down there. This is very common in people, who are sexually active, and they do not use protection, or they do not concern about the health status of their partners. If you are a victim, you may start to notice red dry patches showing up on your penile skin.

Most of the sexually transmitted infections can be treated in hospitals. You just have to undergo some tests to find out which type of STD is causing those symptoms. After the condition has been revealed, treatments will be administered as required. You can acquire some of these medications over the counter.

  1. Yeast infection

Yeast infection is very common in women but men can also be affected. Yeast infection is usually associated with symptoms such as dry skin on penis, rashes, cracking and peeling of the skin down there. This is very common in men who have weak immune system because; yeast exists on our bodies naturally in a harmless state. Infection will only take place if our immune is compromised. The affected can be seen with fissures and painful sores or cuts.

Yeast infection is usually very contagious and it can spread from one person to another through skin contact.

  1. Dry skin from psoriasis

Psoriasis infection is known to be associated with symptoms such as dry patch and flaky skin. It is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects any part of the skin including penile skin. People with diabetes, heart disease and obesity are the common culprits for this condition. Psoriasis is a condition that is mostly influenced by environmental factors that are found in one’s genes.

Signs and symptoms associated by it will vary depending on the type of psoriasis one is suffering from. Some of the common symptoms for psoriasis include; scaling, itchy, itchy and painful skin, reddening of the skin, cracking of the skin and sometimes oozing of blood.

  1. Irritation or allergy

You can get an irritation from some products such as latex used to manufacture condoms. Some men are allergic to latex and if they used condom while having sex, they may develop dryness resulting from allergic reaction caused by it. Moreover, if you apply some creams, powders or lotions on your penis, you can develop a reaction to these products and the resulting symptom can be dry skin on penis, or scaly rash.

Some of the common creams that you should observe while you use are Benzocaine, Benadryl cream, or triple antibiotic ointments. You can as well develop allergy from soap, detergents and some fabrics used to manufacture the clothes you are wearing.

  1. Frictions during sex

A prolonged sexually activities such as musterbation without use of lubricants and rubbing your penis against clothing can cause a dry penis skin.

Also, having sex with a partner who is not fully aroused can result in friction which may cause dry skin on penis. Therefore, it will be better if you use a lubricating agent when you are having sex so that you avoid damaging your skin. It is advisable to use water-based lubricants to prevent the chaffing action that irritates the penile skin. Always use a moisturizing soap and warm water to wash yourself after using lubricants.

  1. Penis eczema

Eczema is a common skin condition that is associated with skin dryness. Just as the rest of the skin, your penis can also be affected by this condition. Usually, on the penis, eczema may target the glans and the penile shaft. It is usually characterized by pain and discomfort, with itchiness and reddening of the penis skin. If the condition is left untreated, the itching can be intense and result into embarrassment.

Eczema that is not treated can lead to other serious symptoms such as scaling and cracking of the skin with bleeding. Also, in some severe condition, pain, inflammation and red blisters may develop in the affected area.

  1. Jock itch

It is also referred to as tinea cruris. Jock itch is a fungal infection that causes symptoms such as red, itchy rash, patches on inner thighs, buttocks and genitals. The patch is usually seen as a ring-shaped rash, and it commonly appears in warm and moist areas. The condition can start as redness on the groin and then day by day spread to the upper thighs including the penis. Some of the common symptoms are scaly and flaky skin. A dry skin on penis may also be experienced.

  1. Hot water

You should not use water that is so hot while you are taking a bathe. The heat usually stings the skin and may as well result in moderate dryness. Hot water can burn the skin and affect the sebaceous glands and therefore causing them not to perform their lubricating job well.

STDs that Cause Dry Skin on penis

Though not very common, sexually transmitted infections can lead to a dry skin. People who are sexually active can experience this especially if they don’t use protection during sexual intercourse. Specifically, herpes simplex virus infection is believed to cause such symptoms, but some sources refute it. Sexual transmitted diseases usually have a lot of signs and symptoms, and most of these symptoms are usually concentrated in the genital areas.

If you experience dry skin on penis that is associated with a rash, or red patches in the genitals, a discharge, pain and itchiness from the penile duct, then you have no reason but to go for STD test. Most of the STDs are treatable and therefore you have no reason to be worried. You doctor can examine some of the visible symptoms, carry a diagnosis and after knowing which type of disease you are suffering from, possible treatments will be administered.

Dry Skin on Foreskin

Some of the questions you have to ask yourself while you have a dry foreskin are, if it is flaky, red or itching. The skin on the penis can be dry with a number of other symptoms we have mentioned in this discussion. Always observe keenly other symptoms associated with the dry skin and if they indicate something serious like an infection, you can talk to your doctor immediately.

Flaky Skin on Penis Remedy

Some of the conditions of dry skin on the penis can be comfortable be dealt with at the comfort of our homes. You just need to know what have led to the dryness down there. Treatments will vary but when it comes to home remedies, a single treatment can help to get rid of several conditions. If your condition is not responding to the home remedy of your choice, you can visit your skin doctor to find out what you are suffering from, and if possible, he or she will help to strike the treatment that will work well for your condition.

Home remedies for dry skin on penis

  1. Use of a mild soap

These soaps do not contain harsh ingredients that can cause allergic irritation to the skin. While we were looking at some of the things that cause this condition, we found that allergic reaction or irritation to the skin was one of them. Therefore, the use of products that are not harsh to the skin can help to reduce the chances of suffering from this problem. You can look for soaps that are manufactured from ingredients such as hazel, olive oil, coconut oil or lavender oil.

  1. Use of lubricants

During sexual activity, make sure you use a lubricant so that you do not cause friction to your penis which will result to a dry skin there. It is recommended to use a penis friendly lubricant that is rich in moisture and in most cases it should water –based lubricant as it does not contain harsh products that can cause irritation to the skin. Look for products that contain Shea butter and vitamin E.

  1. Choose better clothing

Most of the sources suggest that the best way of preventing friction down there is by wearing loose cloths – including sweatpants and loose boxer shorts. A apart from that, make sure you wear clothes that are made from soft linen material rather than heavy silk or woolen cloths as the can result in friction down there.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Water is very essential when it comes to the well-being of the body. You may be having a dry penis skin just because the rest of the skin is dry. Dryness of the skin in some cases is brought about by lack of enough water in the body. Therefore, you can drink enough water in a day, at least eight glasses so that you hydrate your body.

  1. Treat underlying conditions

Conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be effective are treated by use of over the counter medication. You can visit a drug store and explain the condition to the chemist. Some of the creams and ointments that are sold in the chemist have been proven successful when it comes to psoriasis and eczema treatment. If you are not sure of which drug to use, you can talk to your medical provider for advice.

  1. Abstain from sexual activities

If you have a dry skin on penis, surely! You can’t continue with sexual activities before finding out a solution to your problem. You can keep off any sexual activity until the skin is healed, since if you continue having sex it can lead to worsening of the condition to an extend of developing blisters, sores, itchiness, and even bleeding. The skin of the penile shaft is usually very thin if you are circumcised and therefore should be taken care of or else it can break easily.

Dry Skin on Penis Treatment

If you can’t treat the condition at home, you can visit your dermatologist for further examination and diagnosis. Doctor area highly trained and therefore they can just know the underlying condition for dry skin on penis just by observation. In serious cases or in case there is an infection, you may be needed to provide a sample of urine or blood for testing. In all cases, the choice of treatment administered usually depends on the underlying cause of the dryness. Some of the medical treatments include the following:

  1. Treatment for allergy

Irritation or any allergic reaction down there is treated by use of creams and moisturizing agents. You are supposed to wash the area by use of mild soap, part the area dry before applying the cream. Antihistamines may also be taken to deal with the allergic reaction. In this case, it may take two to three days, and the dry skin will be completely healed.

  1. Treatment for psoriasis

Your doctor may take a sample of the flaky skin and put under micro- scope to make sure it is psoriasis. He/ she may prescribe possible creams and ointments that will help to clear out the breakouts. In some cases, oral medications with may also be prescribed.

Meanwhile you should avoid skin irritants that could lead to psoriasis outbreak. It is also advisable to keep your body clean more so in genital area and stay free from stress.

  1. STD treatment

Do not try to treat sexually transmitted disease at home as they are only treated in the hospital. First, a test is carried to determine which STD you are suffering from. If these conditions are not treated as early as possible, they cause much worse conditions such as infertility. Viral diseases are treated by viral drugs and fungal conditions are treated by use of anti-fungal drugs. Your doctor will give a prescription after finding out which STD you are suffering from.

Always make sure you use protection if you are not sure of the health status of your sexual partner to avoid STDs. Also, you can abstain as well if you are not married.

  1. Treatment for eczema

Eczema has no cure but it can be control through application of control measures. You can use self-care methods to reduce the symptoms caused by this condition and also assist in preventing its outbreak. You can start by use of mild soaps as they can help to reduce various skin irritants.

There are many ways you can use to treat dry skin on penis. Before you get this condition, you can practice some of the preventive measures we have discussed above, and if you are a victim, at least one of the above treatments will help.

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